The creepiest house on the market – EVER


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This sad, neglected beauty is located on Carleton Island, New York in the Thousand Island area of the St. Lawrence River.

Carleton Island Villa was built in 1894-5 for William O. Wyckoff – a wealthy American entrepreneur who made his fortune selling Remington typewriters.

Ironically, Mr. Wyckoff never really got to live in the extravagant house he had built. He died his first night in the mansion on July 7, 1895 of a massive heart attack. His wife predeceased him by one month (from cancer).

You just can’t make this stuff up.

One of Wyckoff’s adult sons inherited the mansion after his father died.

Today, Carleton Island Villa has not been lived in for over 60 years. Neglect and the weather have taken their toll and the historic home is a shell of her former (once lovely) self.

Long gone is the impressive 5-story tower with spire…

This lonely old place has been for sale for years, but sadly, no qualified buyers have come forward.

List price is $495,000 but the structure needs literally millions of dollars of work and restoration.

The Victorian era dilapidated mansion has approximately 12 bedrooms in approximately 5,000 square feet. (“Approximate” because the house is in such ruins that some rooms are open to the sky – so they can’t technically be considered bedrooms – right?)

Carleton Island Villa is well known among historic preservationists. It is not technically abandoned – the house is in fact, privately owned.  The owners of the property apparently live nearby in a smaller cottage.

If only they would just come down on price…. just a little.

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Until such a day as when the sellers decide to budge on price, or a historic preservationist wins the lottery, I fear this forlorn, once majestic home will wallow and return to nature.

If you or anyone you know has millions of dollars to spare and are interested in one of the most ill-fated homes of the Gilded Age, see here and also here for more background on the Carleton Island Villa.



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