The Island Home Bed and Breakfast

After I featured the Anne of Green Gables House last weekend [you can view that post here], I started looking at what else Canada’s Price Edward Island had to offer. I found this lovely 1906 Victorian house that is now a bed & breakfast.

The award-winning Island Home Bed and Breakfast in Summerside, P.E.I. is perfectly named and impeccably maintained. But this historic home only recently became a B&B (in the year 2007).

I’ll let the innkeepers (Patrick and Anne) fill in some of the details:

The house at 44 Spring St. was built in 1906 after the ‘big’ fire. Built for Dr. Alex MacNeil of Summerside, his family lived in the home until the early 60’s.  The owners we bought the home from added a second wing, a new kitchen, two car garage with bonus room. They were careful to preserve the charm and character of the main house, with it’s fabulous woodwork, and gleaming hardwood floors, while at the same time blending new with the old.

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Look at the wonderful detail on the exterior! I don’t know how much of that is original, but it sure is an impeccable façade. And that dentil moulding is amazing! [Ugh, I almost wrote “denture” moulding *giggle*]

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Beautiful gardens – someone has a green thumb.

Well, come on in… (LOVE that red screen door!)

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The old section of the house has such pristine historic woodwork and built-ins…

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And a quaint and cozy den:

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This entryway (below) is clearly part of the newer addition (but lovely nonetheless):

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Have a peek inside some of the guest rooms…

Apparently the rooms are named: 1) Prince, 2) Edward, and, 3) Island.


Nice touch with Mr. Fuzzy Bear on the bed!

When I traveled to P.E.I. as a child with my family in the 1980’s, we stayed in a campground in our musty old pop-up tent trailer, which at the time was lots of fun. But as a grown-up, the next time I visit P.E.I,. I want to experience a little more refinement for my stay – The Island Home Bed & Breakfast fits that bill perfectly!

If you would like more information about the Island Home Bed & Breakfast, see their website here.

I have very fond memories of P.E.I., even though that was the place where I dared my little sister to ride her bike as fast as she could and she ended up flipping over the handle bars and breaking her collar-bone. (Gosh, I haven’t thought of that for years! Sorry about that Al!)

In any case, the rolling green hills of P.E.I. are just about as close to peace-on-earth as you can get.

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