The latest green home trend: real live moss bath mat

Okay, okay, people aren’t knocking down the doors of IKEA or Crate & Barrel to purchase these things, but the plush mats are making a splash in on-line green living circles.

image from: / Image via Yanko Design

Yes, this bath rug is actually made of moss. Living, breathing moss. It is designed to thrive in the, um, damp environment of a bathroom. It sucks up the shower moisture and a person’s body moisture for food.

Created by Switzerland-based industrial designer La Chanh Nguyen, the small indoor greenspace features three types of live green  mosses – ball moss, island moss and forest moss – that grow in individual  “cells” of plastazote, a decay-free foam.

I love green homes, and I love green design, but this bath rug just seems a little icky to me. Imagine the critters that could grow in there!

image from: / Image via La Chanh Nguyen

In my humble opinion it’s as bizarre as having a pet clam in your house.

What if you go away on vacation for a couple weeks? Does it shrivel up and die?

I imagine this type of bath mat would do better in Seattle, than say, Phoenix.

These things retail for $115 a piece, but I suppose if you really wanted one (and had a green thumb) you could DIY.








  • Jules Klimek says:

    Hilarious! My cat and dog would have a field day with that! I say, no, it’s just wrong!!! lol!

  • Johnna says:

    I think I’m in love… Deffenatly DIY

  • Youko says:

    It actually seems much more hygienic to me than a regular bath mat that gets moldy and mildewy and has to be thrown out. A bathmat is designed to soak up moisture and poorly-aimed pee and collects skin flakes and dust. Would you rather have moss eating all that up or mold and mites? As for the bugs that would live in it, what about all the gross things that live in regular bath mats? Silverfish were living in my brother’s bathmat! I’d much rather have the type of critters that would live in moss. Yes, bathmats gross me out so much I’ve never had one, I just dry my feet off with the towel when I get out of the shower. But I would definitely step on a bed of moss!

  • Angela says:

    Moss is very acidic and does not create a very friendly to most bugs or bacteria (that’s why bog bodies are so well preserved, there’s none of that in peat moss to break them down). I think this would probably be a lot more hygienic than a typical bathmat.

  • KMP says:

    I love this!… But would not spend $115 on a bath mat.

  • Yam says:

    I don’t understand how this is mold resistant when moss terrariums are subject to molding.

    • Angela says:

      Correlation, not causation. Terrariums are prone to molding because they are humid, which moss also likes. The mold isn’t because of the moss, nor is it likely to actually be growing on the moss itself since moss is very acidic.

  • Joy says:

    yeah, I dig it! Much more hygenic but how long does it live, last? Will the foam “die” before the moss? Smell? And yeah, what about when gone for long periods of time? And OMG $115? Someone please put together directions for DIY soon!!

  • konasunbear says:

    You can always ask a neighbor to “water” your bathmat a few times while you’re on vacation!

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