The sad story of the Valentine’s Day house

This cute little ‘love house’ decorated year-round for Valentine’s Day…

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… has a very sad story.

I had seen it pictured around the web and on other house blogs so I looked up the original photo on Fickr because, hey, I thought it was so cute and wanted to know where it was located.

I found out that the house is located in Franklin, Indiana – right across from a cemetery. I continued reading down the page to the comments section and this one immediately jumped out at me:

The flood of 2008 in Franklin Indiana took this house…it is currently still standing but abandoned and soon to be tore down.  The home owner was in the basement when the foundation fell in on her. 🙁

That comment was dated January 2012.

How upsetting it was to read that this charming sweetheart house – clearly LOVED by its owner – was flood damaged and scheduled to be torn down! And that the owner may have even died there!

I put on my Internet sleuthing hat to try to find out more information.

Indeed, the great mid-western flood of June 2008 did destroy more than 100 homes and even entire neighborhoods in Franklin, Indiana. What’s worse is that several people died in the flooding and the aftermath, although I found varying reports as to how many (between 2-10 fatalities).

I was unable to confirm if the love-heart home’s owner actually perished there as a result of the 2008 flood (as the above comment suggested).

I did find this photo in a local Franklin news article…

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image from:

Not sure if it is the remains of the actual house, but it does appear to be very near a cemetery.

On the positive side (because I’m sure this is totally a BUMMER to read on Valentine’s Day), the town of Franklin has started planting flower gardens in the area where homes were destroyed by the flooding. You can read more about that here.

But, like any house that no longer exists, I like to remember it in happier days with its red and white gingham curtains and hand-painted hearts and vines…

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R.I.P little Valentine’s house, and hopefully your creative owner is with you somewhere safe in house lover’s heaven.




  • Sue says:

    Love this house as it is on my blog too. I am saddened as you say by the story though.

  • Sigee says:

    What a sad story! I remember that flooding back in ’08 and but did not realize how devastating it was!

  • Jaime says:

    It’s still there. I own the house right across the street from it. It IS cute, but half of its foundation is gone and it hasn’t been opened up since 2008. It unfortunately, really does need to be torn down…

  • Brittany says:

    I worked for the disaster recovery agency in Franklin after the flood. The woman lived 🙂

  • Carrie Newman-Clapp says:

    This was was bought and own by my cousin Janet Huddleson. She bought it from a very nice lady that loved this house. This was my cousin’s first house that she ever bought. She was totally in love with this house and cherised everything about it. My cousin did survive the flood after the basement collapesed on her. However, my cousin did pass away a few years ago due to a sudden accident. She died loving that house!

  • Alexandra B says:

    Believe it or not, I grew up on the same street as that house. That second picture in the cemetary isn’t of the house. I have a bunch of pictures of the house, I can email you some if you’d like! Franklin is currently turning the neighborhood affected into a new park!

  • eltr says:

    The house is still standing as of February 2015! Can’t be fixed, is set to be demolished, but it’s still up!

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