THIS is how you decorate an old house: 1891 Victorian in Oregon

Image from: (by Kimberley Bryan)

When I saw this beautiful 1891 Victorian home featured on Houzz I sat up straight in my chair.

I’m so used to seeing old houses gutted and rebuilt to look new on design blogs, that this was a refreshing departure. Sure, there’s been some updating, but the way the home is kept, the way the owners have it decorated, just makes my history-loving heart beat happy with joy.

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

Have a look inside:

Image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

The house is located in lushly gorgeous Astoria, Oregon and is owned by a couple who are clearly in love with their home’s history.

The kitchen sports a 1950’s vintage stove which came with the house:

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)
image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

The 1,350 square feet home also came with most of the original windows.

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

The gallery style picture arrangement in the living room has that old world salon feeling…

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

The oak floors are not original to the house, but they are old – laid in the 1930’s or 1940’s – much like the wood floors in my old house.

Upstairs, there are painted wood floors:

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

And if I’m not mistaken, there appears to be some painted paneling which is a little trick that us old house owners often employ as an alternative to ripping off faux paneling and having all the old plaster crumble down. (i.e. saves you a lot of work and mess and keeps the old original walls intact underneath.)

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

I love the old-time (almost primitive) effect you get when you decorate with untouched vintage finds and family heirlooms…

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

The home has a total of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but we get only a little peek into one of the bathrooms…

image from: (by: Kimbelery Bryan)

But how sweet it is!

We also get a glance into the home’s wine cellar:

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

Another great idea for those dusty old house cellars with low ceilings.

In the yard, the homeowners have kept the rustic woodsy charm by utilizing found objects for landscape decoration, like this old chair and pole turned into a bird house:

image from: (by Kimberley Bryan)

Doesn’t this backyard make you feel like everything is right in the world? (Or at least this little corner of the world?)

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

One final testament to the current owner’s appreciation for their house’s history: they kept an old piece of tin wall they found while installing a cabinet. You can see the many layers of old wallpaper and even a square-head nail:

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

I don’t know about you, but these well-kept, well-loved antique houses feel more “alive” to me than a newly built model magazine house.

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

When I see an old houses like this, it makes me love and appreciate my own old money pit even more!



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  • Terri J says:

    I have always loved homes from the Victorian era, epically ones that nave kept up with all the charm and original design, that come from the era. We have a ton of Vicorian homes in York, but many have been transformed into apartments, with in the house.. If I could live in one as charming as that in all it’s glory – I would even consider moving to Oregon!

  • Sue says:

    I like all the pictures going all the up and down the walls throughout the house that are not perfectly matched.

  • You are so right! I love it when people respect the past of a place. This is beautiful and I could lull in that back yard all day long.

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