This Man Got Lost In The Amazon Jungle, Now Hollywood Makes A Movie About Him


Today we have such an amazing story to show you that Hollywood has even made a move about it. The star of our story is Yosseph or “Yossi” Ghinsberg and what he experienced while being lost in the Amazon jungle will terrify you! Yossi used all the skills that he learned in the military and despite all odds, he managed to survive being alone in the jungle without any food or weapons to defend himself. With that said, be prepared to be amazed because this story is jaw-dropping!

20. Yosseph “Yossi” Ghinsberg

The man in this picture is Yossi and his life story has been turned into a movie. The struggles that this man had to go through in order to survive will send shivers down your spine!

19. Lost In The Jungle

Yossi has always been an explorer and he loves nothing more than to visit places that have been “forgotten to man”. Unfortunately for him, his keen sense for adventure got him in serious trouble.

18. Daniel Radcliffe

Before we present how the man found himself all alone in the middle of the Amazon jungle, we wanted to mention that Daniel Radcliffe is the actor who plays him in the movie. Nonetheless, let’s see how Yossi’s story starts.

17. The Military

Yossi joined the Israeli military when he was young and this is where he learned all the survival skills that he needs to know in order to take care of himself. You won’t believe who inspired Yossi to travel the world.

16. Papillon

Yossi read a book by Henri Charriere titled “Papillon”. This book was so amazing that it inspired Yossi to travel the world and to reach places that most people only dream about. This is how his travel to the Amazon jungle started.

15. Marcus Stamm

As Yossi was traveling towards the jungle, he met another explorer named Marcus Stamm. The two started traveling together and they became friends.

14. Kevin Gale

Yossi and Marcus were traveling towards the Amazon jungle and they met another keen explorer named Kevin Gale (right). Kevin worked as a wildlife photographer and he decided to join Yossi through his travels of the jungle so that he can take amazing pictures on the way.

13. Asariamas

The three friends arrived in a small village named Asariamas. As they were asking around for travel instructions, a man named Karl Ruprechter asked to join them. Yossi was hesitant at first, but he changed his mind when he heard what Karl had to say…

12. Gold Quarry

Karl told the three friends that he knows the location of a long forgotten gold quarry that could make them rich. Without giving it any second thought, Yossi told him that he could join and they set off towards the jungle.

11. Ancient Gold

Yossi and his friends started trekking in the jungle. They all were dreaming about finding ancient gold and becoming rich overnight. Little did they know, something terrible was going to happen to them.

10. Tree Monkey

One of them brought a shotgun for self-defense and to shoot animals for food. Unfortunately for them, the only thing that they could hunt were monkeys and as you can probably expect, they didn’t like having to eat them.

9. Foot Infection

Marcus had a severe foot infection and he didn’t want to eat the monkey meat. Therefore, he told Yossi that he will be going back to the village where he could rest and get better.

8. The Raft

Karl Ruprechter decided that he was going to join Marcus and go back home. On the other hand, Yossi and Kevin build a raft so that they could travel the Amazon river faster and avoid getting foot infections.

7. The Raft Crashes

Sadly, Yossi and Kevin were swooped by a current and their raft crashed. Kevin managed to get to the shore, but Yossi fell into a waterfall and hit his head. Things are only going to get worse from here on.

6. Wild Boar

Yossi laid down on the shore for one hour trying to figure out what to do next. This is when a fierce growling noise came from the jungle. It was a wild boar! Yossi got up on his feet and started running as fast as he could. Do you think he escaped the boar?

5. Termites

Luckily, Yossi escaped the boar. On the downsides, he was exhausted and the only thing he wanted to do was to try and sleep for a couple of hours to regain his strength. However, as he was asleep his entire body started hurting and itching because he fell asleep on a termite nest and they were biting him!

4. Plane

A couple of days passed and Yossi managed to survive by eating the dead bodies of monkeys. His life was a nightmare and his body was still in pain after getting so many termite bites. One day, he saw an airplane flying over the jungle and he started screaming and waving his hands, but sadly, the pilot didn’t notice Yossi and he flew by.

3. Night Surprise

The worst thing that happened to Yossi was when a jaguar came late at night to try and kill him. Fortunately, Yossi was creative and he took a can of spray that he had in his backpack and lit it with a match. This scared the jaguar away and Yossi was safe. Can you believe how creative Yossi got?

2. Quicksand

If you thought that getting hunted by a jaguar is terrifying, then you should know that Yossi also had to deal with quicksand. This is terrifying and to make things even worse, Yossi accepted his faith and he was ready to die. However, a flood came in and it pulled him out.

1. Lost 30 Pounds!

Even though Yossi was all alone in the Amazon jungle for nearly a week, he managed to survive. He got lucky and a local boat spotted him on the shore. The locals saved him, but Yossi was not in good shape. He lost 30 pounds because he didn’t have anything to eat. Nonetheless, the only thing that matters is that he made it out alive!