Tiny British Columbia cob cabin

Here’s one for the munchkins:

(image from: cobworks.com)

Tucked in the snow during the winter:

image from: tinyhouseblog.com

This mini mushroom house is actually made from cob – a mixture of sand, clay and straw. Cob mixture is sculpted like clay but sturdy enough to build up without using forms.

A company called Cobworks made this little home in 1999. It is located on Mayne Island in British Columbia, Canada. Apparently, this 600 square foot cob house was the FIRST cob to be fully permitted as a house in Canada!

This place is not for sale, but I saw an article about it on tinyhouseblog.com and was able to find more pictures on Cobworks’ own website.

Let’s a have a look at this sweet little thing!

image from: cobworks.com

This cutie-pie appears to have a some puckered lips (above)!

image from: cobworks.com

I have no idea what the chains are for, but they look like they are pulling the roof down! (To stunt the growth of the mushroom??)

image from: cobworks.com

Have a peek inside…

image from: cobworks.com

It’s very warm and cozy!

The kitchen…

image from: cobworks.com

Built-in table area:

image from: cobworks.com


image from: cobworks.com

Love the stair railing! However, the stair supports look a little delicate… probably wouldn’t want my kids clumping up and down them! (or hanging off the railings)

Inside the cozy loft bedroom:

image from: cobworks.com

image from: cobworks.com

How they acheived this curving roof is beyond me, but the end result sure is impressive!

image from: cobworks.com

Here is the bathroom:

image from: cobworks.com

The shower with an “eye” window to peek out of (or in to)…

image from: cobworks.com

(I’m betting that eye window is actually the kissing lips window on the exterior!)

This adorable cob creation is truly unique!

image from: cobworks.com

For more detailed information and additional pictures of this sweet cob home, see here and here.

Apart from the delicate staircase, this cozy home seems sturdy and durable.

I think that even Little Miss Muffet would be impressed!


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