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As a starving artist er, creative person I rely heavily on the generosity of the wealthy people all around me. Just kidding, I don’t even know any wealthy people so I rely on the giving hearts of other creative/imaginative souls to keep me going, both motivationally and economically.

Some people consider asking for donations on a blog to be cheap, opportunistic and cheesy. But seeing that we here at House Crazy have little to no shame, we are going to include a “donate” button below for those of you who feel inclined.



Why donate to House Crazy you ask?

Well… there are 4 good reasons:

1)  We [the “Royal we” since I am actually a one-woman show] spend an inordinate amount of time working on this website (neglecting my children, ruining my vision, wasting electricity) and have many expenses that are required when running one’s own site (such as web-hosting fees, domain name fees, paying my tech person, etc.).

2)  I also dispense a surprising amount of free advice – everything from “can you find me a [fill in the blank] house?” to “can you help me with my term paper?”  No kidding – I get several requests like this every week.

3)  I also view this obsessive hobby as a creative outlet and I believe in throwing a few coins to the artistic folks who put it all out there on the sidewalk for passers by to enjoy. Of course my sidewalk is a virtual one, but you get the idea.

4)  In addition, I am (inadvertently) providing a free service to numerous Realtors and home-sellers since most of the houses I feature are currently listed for sale on the real estate market. (i.e. I provide free advertising)

*Please do not feel obligated to donate to this site… unless, of course, you are independently wealthy and make over $5 million a year. Then you would be a scrooge if you didn’t donate.


If you are the type of person who likes to donate to house-based charities instead of some random blogger’s website, I totally understand and I highly recommend Brad Pitt’s Make it Right foundation.

Make it Right builds beautiful, quality, eco-friendly houses for residents of New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood, in an effort to 1) rebuild New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, 2) to provide housing for low-income/working class people, and 3) to create a sustainable future.

Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt started this organization and is a driving force behind its mission. He is ensuring that the people of New Orleans have affordable, high-quality options for housing, rather than just being stuck in rows of cheap, run-down, toxic FEMA trailers.

I don’t have any affiliation with this charity (other than being an occasional donor) but thought I would pass the information along to other “housies” out there who are looking for a worthy cause.

You can check out the Make it Right website (and many of the amazing completed homes) here.


Another wonderful non-profit organization that I can recommend is Enchanted Makeovers. They do cottage-style makeovers for rooms in women’s & children’s shelters in an effort to “inspire behavioral and psychological change”.

You can read more about this amazing organization here.


All the best to you – and thank you for your support of ANY kind! (I’ll glady accept your good karma vibes!)


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