Tricked-out chicken coops

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Chickens are all the rage lately. Chickens are like a trending fad in the home & garden design world. I suspect some people like them more for the kitschy novelty factor than for their actual usefulness.

Well, let me tell you about chickens, AND chicken coops. (Because we raised chickens when I was growing up)

1. they stink

2. their houses stink to high heaven

3. they really do run around after their heads are cut off

4. they are dusty and dirty

5. their houses are dusty and dirty.

Our chicken coop in the back yard was literally a tar-paper shack with a rickety door and I still have the stench of it tattooed inside my nose to this very day.

But that was just MY experience.

Here are some stylish alternatives to the dusty old smelly chicken house…..

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(LOVE the “living roof” on that one above)

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(House of chickens? Chicken house?)

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I have sworn off owning chickens for the rest of my life – because I know what it’s like to gag from the stench of cleaning chicken coops and to be chased by a gaggle of angry hens after you’ve stolen their eggs. And to have to trudge out there to feed them every God-forsaken freezing cold winter morning. And the horror of finding mini crime-scenes when a hungry fox gets in the coop. Not to mention the mass bloody murder scenes when “harvest” day comes around. (I still remember that old stump my dad used to put the chickens on *shudder*)

But to each their own.



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  • The Zadge says:

    I really, really wanted to get chickens for my backyard. Then I remember Harry, who would definitely decide to eat them immediately. No Fowl Play in my yard!

  • HA says:

    my chickens started out as a hobby and for the eggs…..they are well fed organically, spoiled and they know
    it….but they give our family and all these people we know delightful tasting eggs. From hobby to delivery…
    Yes, all the above is true, but then, any animal has its share. We do not allow them in our home, as some folks
    do with their pet dogs or cats. What is the difference? after all, keep them away and let live. We do keep ours free range in the large avery …..keeps the flies away.

  • John Flageolle/Carol Hug says:

    I love your pictures of your houses, and your chicken coups–really imaginative–would still like that number for that work crew over in Idaho Springs –if they are still looking–and you have the number. We seem to be miss-connecting on that matter–and I don’t want to bother you if they no longer have a need., but I am working out at the airport, and would like something closer….let me know–and send me that name and number–I don’t think you did in your post–but maybe that is because the job is no longer available’
    Thanks for your time,


  • erika says:

    A lot of people don’t know how much work it is especially in winter. That is why I end up with free chickens by Nov. or Dec. because they don’t want to deal with it(feeding, cleaning and everything else). I have both chickens and ducks for about 10 years.

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