Walking Tour of Jamaica Plain – A Historic Boston Neighborhood

My mom and my aunt were recently visiting my cousin in Boston, Massachusetts (yes, another Canadian living in the USA!)

My cousin Angie took them on a walking tour of her neighborhood, which just happens to be the famous Jamaica Plain area of Boston. Have a look at some of the old house pics my mom snappped…

photo credit: Fran Burns

Jamaica Plain is a historic neighborhood that was founded by Puritans from Boston during the colonial era. It was mostly rural homes and farmland in the 1600’s but by the 1700’s roads had been developed and wealthy Bostonians were moving down in droves and building large estates. By the 1830’s Jamaica Plain had become an affluent Boston suburb.

photo credit: Fran Burns

The oldest community theatre in the US, Footlight Club is located in this neighborhood. In the 19th century, Jamaica Plain became one of the first streetcar suburbs in America and home to a significant portion of Boston’s Emerald Necklace of parks, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

– from: www.wikipedia.org

Jamaica Plain currently has a population of about 37,000.

photo credit: Fran Burns

This large house with porch columns is actually a funeral parlor…

photo credit: Fran Burns

Homes in this historic neighborhood have often been featured on HGTV’s show House Hunters.

photo credit: Fran Burns

You can see the diversity of architectural styles in Jamaica Plain – everything from Queen Anne Victorian to Georgian and Greek Revival.

photo credit: Fran Burns

By the year 1970, Jamaica Plain was in a terrible state of decline. But local residents banded together and spear-headed a revitalization effort that led to the gentrification of the neighborhood by the 1990’s.

photo credit: Fran Burns

Today, Jamaica Plain is once again one of the most desirable areas of Boston in which to live.

A famous former resident of Jamaica Plain was poet/writer Sylvia Plath.

photo credit: Fran Burns

My mom is getting pretty good at taking house photos, no?

photo credit: Fran Burns

In truth, I’m told that my cousin Angie took some of these pictures as well (thank you Angie!)

photo credit: Fran Burns

Jamaica Plain, or “JP” as the locals call it […] has evolved into one of Boston’s most diverse and dynamic neighborhoods. The ethnically diverse area is home to many Latinos, young families, and a growing gay and lesbian community.

from: http://www.cityofboston.gov/neighborhoods/jamaicaplain.asp

photo credit: Fran Burns

JP is also a historic home lover’s paradise!


For more information on the Jamaica Plain neighborhood, check out the Jamaica Plain Historical Society website here: http://www.jphs.org/


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