Some stories are so wholesome that they can even bring a tear to your face! This is exactly what you are going to see today because we are going to show you how an eight-years-old kid decided to make the day of a mailman better by leaving a gift and a message on the porch for the mailman to find. You will never believe the amazing reaction that the mailman had when he saw the gift that the eight-years-old boy left for him.

20. Happy Fellas

Did you notice that nearly all mailmen have a big smile on their face? They love their jobs and nothing makes them happier than knowing that they are helping their community by delivering important notices and letters.

19. Hard Job

Even though mail carriers might love their jobs, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy by any means. Just imagine how annoying it must be to deliver mail on the freezing cold or during a heat wave. However, mail carriers still do it because it’s their job.

18. Heatwave

One of the worst things about delivering mail is having to deal with heat waves. The biggest problem with heat waves is that mail carriers can’t really do anything about it and they just have to keep delivering letters from house to house.

17. Dehydrated

Everyone is advised to stay inside the house during heat waves and to make sure to be hydrated at all times. The heat wave can make people pass out and this can lead to severe health problems.

16. Hard Workers

Despite having to deal with the uncontrollable weather, mail carriers still do their job without complaining. This is what they signed up for and they grew to love their jobs and the community appreciates them for that.

15. Cooling Gatorade

Carmine McDaniel is an eight-year-old boy and he realized that the local mailman might get thirsty after delivering so many letters in the scorching heat and after he saw so many athletes drinking Gatorade to cool off, he asked his mother to buy a bottle so that he can give them to the mailman.

14. The Message

The little boy took two bottles of Gatorade and Water and he placed them inside a freezer box, but not before letting his mailman know that he can take them all. Check out the next picture to see how Carmine McDaniel’s mailman reacts to seeing this.

13. What’s There?

As the mailman is getting closer to the kid’s house, he notices something out of place. There was a box with a message on it. Curiosity got the best of the mailman and he wanted to find to more.

12. Delivering Mail

After he made sure that the mail has been delivered surely, the man took another look at the box and noticed the message from the little boy. Keep reading to find out what the mailman said after she read the message.

11. Thank God

“Gatorade, thank God!” said the mailman after he read the message. It seems like the little boy knew exactly what the mailman needed to feel better.

10. Heading Off

The mailman drank some Gatorade and headed off to another house. Even though he would’ve liked to stay a little more, he had to deliver more mail. If you think that giving cool water and Gatorade to the mailman was nice, then you really need to see what’s coming next.

9. Chocolate

As Christmas was coming around, the little kid decided to give the mailman a chocolate. Isn’t this the most adorable thing ever?

8. Halloween

We think it’s safe to say that Carmine McDaniel wants to be a mailman when he grows up. With that said, can you guess what was his costume for Halloween?

7. Little Mailman

Yes, you guessed it! Carmine McDaniel dressed just like his idol and this made the mailman happy. You won’t believe what the mailman did for Carmine McDaniel.

6. Popular Costume

This might come as a surprise to most of you since kids usually prefer to dress up as superheroes during Halloween, but Halloween stores say that the mailman costume is their best selling one. Isn’t this crazy?

5. A Special Tour

The mailman took the little kid to his storage and gave him a special tour. The kid got to meet all the other mailmen and he was amazed. This is all that he ever wanted.

4. Wholesome Story

5 Inside Edition

We warned you right from the start that this is going to be one of the most wholesome stories that you will ever see. Doesn’t Carmine McDaniel seem like a great kid?

3. Bright Future In The Know

There’s no doubt that Carmine McDaniel is a great kid and that he has a bright future ahead of him. He has the right attitude to make it in life.

2. Big Smile In The Know

Carmine McDaniel can bring a smile to anyone’s faces with his positive attitude and happy mood. This shows us that Carmine McDaniel is special and that he will continue to do amazing things as he grows up.

1. Happy Ending

The mailman said that he was amazed to see that Carmine McDaniel left a gift box for him. However, he was happy that Carmine McDaniel did that because it made his job of delivering mail during the scorching heat a whole lot easier.