When house-hunting gets you stuck in a snowbank


If you know House Crazy Sarah at all, you know she HATES winter. She hates snow even more than that.

So when she goes out & about in Colorado in the wintertime, you know there must be something really cool to lure her out.

This past weekend I was up with the kiddos visiting their dad in Idaho Springs (west of Denver). I thought I would drive the scenic route back home and stop over on the way to look at a cool cabin that was for sale. I knew exactly where it was and exactly how to get there.

The cabin was just above the village of Shawnee which is really just a small gathering of rustic cabins and Victorian-era homes:

Shawnee, Colorado

Shawnee, Colorado

Cute right?

So I drive up the dirt mountain road, no big deal, it has been really mild in Colorado lately. Up the road I go around the corner, and the next thing I know, I’m sliding off the road into the “snowbank” which was really just a rut beside the road. (My friends in Canada are getting a huge laugh out of this). I guess I hit a teeny tiny patch of ice, but down she went, and there I was, spinning my all-wheel drive SUV tires hopelessly and getting myself even more stuck.

After assessing the situation and coming to the realization that I didn’t have anything useful (like a shovel) in my car, I decided to try my cell phone – and praise goddess in heaven – it worked!

First I called Lupe and he laughed at me (because I always seem to get myself into such shenanigans) and then he said to call AAA because he and his truck were quite a distance away at that point. I called AAA (to which I have been a faithful subscriber for years in the event of a situation like this) and they said it may take them up to 4 hours to get a tow-truck there!

So of course, my kids start whining that they are hungry. Luckily I had pre-planned for this months ago by stashing leftover Halloween candy under the seats.

After a half hour of munching on Snickers, we got bored and decided to take a walk.

Hey, I had come that far to find the damn cabin, there was NO WAY I was leaving the area without actually seeing it!

So we trudged up the hill and found the cabin –

image from: http://www.zillow.com/

image from: http://www.zillow.com/

(it was adorable btw) – and there was a guy raking pine cones at a cabin next door. [Only House Crazy Sarah gets stuck in the ONE spot of snow when other people are raking the bare ground]

The guy – whose name was Danny – was nice enough to drop what he was doing and rush down with his 4X4 truck and pull me out with his tow cable. I cancelled the tow from AAA, thanked Danny profusely, and was on my way.

But no adventure is complete without a mention on Facebook. And posting a picture of the pathetic tuft of soft snow in which I got stuck so that my friends can rib me mercilessly…

my stuck SUV


House Crazy Sarah is now planning to relocate to the Sonoran Desert .




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