Even though interactions with wild predatory animals can be scary, many people still continue to go on safaris to see them. When one group of tourists were off on a tour in Crimea, they were given the shock of a lifetime. A lion decided to jump into their open vehicle and then made an unbelievable request of them.

20. Taigan Safari Park

Image: Visit Ukraine

Taigan Safari Park is a park found in Crimea. What makes the park so unique is that it is home to many lions. In fact, there are more than 50 lions living in the park.

19. Beautiful Park

Image: Trip Advisor

The safari park is absolutely beautiful and features tons of open land where the lions roam. Although they have a ton of lions, the park also features tons of other animals. You won’t believe just how many different animals they house.

18. Lots of Animals

Image: Trip Advisor

The safari park also houses tigers, llamas, various exotic birds, a camel, bears, and many other intriguing animals. Many tourists come to the area just to visit the park and to be able to interact and watch many of the animals.

17. Safari Tour

Image: Crimea Holidays

The zoo also provides tourists with a real-life safari tour on the grounds of the property. While on these tours, visitors are placed inside of an open vehicle and are able to get pretty close to some of the wildlife on the premises.

16. Safety Measures

Image: NewsFeed

Since the vehicle is open, the tourists are pretty much left open to the elements and animals at the park. While for the most part, nothing bad has happened, one day that wasn’t the case. It was a terrifying day for one woman in particular.

15. Scary Day

Image: itv.com

While on a safari tour in the park, one woman soon learned just how vicious lions could be. A woman’s arm was bitten by one of the lion’s in the park while she was sitting inside of the safari vehicle. It was a horrible incident!

14. Still Alive

Image: WacoTrib

Although the woman lived to see another day, the event was still pretty traumatizing. Not to mention, she did suffer from injuries to the arm that was bitten by the lion. However, this hasn’t stopped tourists from continuing to head out on safari tours in the park.

13. Recent Tour

Image: LatestLY

Recently, a bunch of tourists decided to head out on the safari tour that allows you to see the lions up close and personal. Tour guides weren’t expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen, however, they would be wrong…

12. Tour Guide

Image: Twitter

Lion whisperer  and tour guide, Oleg Zubkov, 50, owner of Taigan Safari Park in Crimea, happened to be on the safari trip when one lion decided to be a bit adventurous. The lion in question was one named Filya and this lion decided to get real friendly real fast.

11. Getting Friendly

Image: thesun.co.uk

Filya was feeling extra friendly on this day when he spotted a vehicle heading through the park. Tourists were sitting comfortably in their vehicle making sure to snap photos of everything they saw. That’s when Filya decided to intervene.

10. Climbing Over

Image: http://en.mdiscuss.com

Filya decided that he wanted to join in on the fun and decided to walk over to the vehicle. However, just hanging out near the vehicle wasn’t enough for this lion. He decided that he would climb on over!

9. Getting In

Image: thesun.co.uk

So Filya decided to jump inside of the vehicle and make himself comfy amidst the group of tourists. The tourists were immediately shocked by what they were witnessing and experiencing. Everyone was terrified that the lion would attack and then they soon realized something unbelievable.

8. Shocking Request

Image: thesun.co.uk

However, it seems that Filya wasn’t looking to harm anybody through his intrusion. In fact, it seemed to be quite the opposite. The huge lion was just looking for some cuddles and hugs!

7. Affectionate

Image: thesun.co.uk

As soon as the tourists realized what the lion was asking for they immediately gave in! They began to give the lion a bunch of pets and tons of affection. Everyone was so shocked by how sweet the lion was behaving.

6. Up Close

Image: thesun.co.uk

Tourists began to record the amazing encounter, after all, an up close and personal encounter with a lion is quite rare. In the video footage, you can see the lion cuddling up to one of the tourists. Then you see the lion do something unbelievable.

5. Kisses

Image: Greezoo

In the video footage, Filya begins to do something that no one expected. He begins to lick the face of one of the tourists. He was obviously giving all of his love to the tourist!

4. Playing

Image: thesun.co.uk

The tourists continued to play with Filya and interact with the lion. Some people even began to take selfies with the lion. After all, what better photo to post on your social media account than a lion selfie?

3. Big Cat

Image: en.mdiscuss.com

Even though Filya is a pretty big cat, he is only two-years-old. We can’t even imagine just how big Filya will be when he’s a full grown adult! It would definitely have been a far more intimidating experience if Filya had been any bigger.

2. Uploaded

Image: Daily Mirror

The video footage was eventually uploaded onto the Internet. Everyone that saw the footage was awestruck over the lion’s interaction with the humans. After all, it was pretty shocking to see a lion that only wanted to cuddle!

1. Memorable Experience

Image: forimmediaterelease.net

We’re more than certain that the tourists on this trip will never forget this amazing experience. After all, there are very few people on this planet that can say that they interacted closely with a lion and lived to tell the tale!