Most people tend to get a bad feeling in their gut whenever they see a police car parking in front of their house. This doesn’t mean that the police wants to do something bad to them, but that the police officer might be there to deliver some bad news. This is exactly what happened to Rachel Brindley when she was mowing the grass in front of her house while carrying her young son in a baby carrier. Little did she know, the police officer was there to help her out.

20. Rachel and Ryan Brindley

Rachel and Ryan are a happy couple. They have been married for a couple of years now and they have three beautiful kids. However, taking care of the kids can prove to be quite challenging at times.

19. Big Family Brindley

Rachel and Ryan love the fact that they have a big family. On the other hand, Ryan needs to work very hard to provide for his family and, unfortunately, this takes up most of his time.

18. Hard Worker Brindley

Taking care of three kids and providing them with everything they need to live a happy life is not an easy task. However, Ryan is more than happy to put it all on the line in order to make sure that they live a great life and that he is a good dad.

17. House Chores Godsey Brindley

Rachel realizes that since Ryan is working most of the time, he doesn’t have enough time left to do house chores. She is a good wife and understands this and she does her best to help him out whenever she can.

16. Helping Out

Rachel says that she doesn’t have any problems when it comes to helping out with chores. The only issue is that their son is only four-months-old and she can’t leave him alone in the house.

15. Harder Tasks Brindley

Since Rachel needs to take care of the four-months-old baby, Ryan is the one who takes care of the more demanding chores such as mowing the grass. However, one day Ryan was so busy with one of his work projects that he completely forgot about the grass…

14. Doing The Dishes

Rachel realized that Ryan is so caught up in his work that he forgot to mow the lawn. She finished doing the dishes and decided that she wants to surprise him by mowing the lawn herself. Isn’t this cute?

13. Mowing The Lawn

Mowing the lawn might sound like an easy task, but this gets significantly more difficult if you have a young kid running around. Rachel didn’t want to leave her son alone and she came up with a rather brilliant idea…keep reading to find out what it is.

12. Playful Nature

The four-month-old baby loves to goof around and to have fun. He likes it the most when his father picks him in his arms and carries him around the house. This is how Racheal figured out that she can use a baby carrier and mow the lawn without having to worry about the kid.

11. Having Fun Brindley

Rachel told her baby that they are going on an adventure and she put him in the baby carrier which can be mounted on her chest. The baby was super excited and he couldn’t wait to go out of the house.

10. Time To Work Brindley

As Rachel was mowing the lawn while carrying her baby, something strange happened. Rachel saw a police car slowly driving towards her house. At that moment, Rachel stopped doing everything and her heart nearly stopped with fear.

9. The Police

The police car parked in front of her house. Rachael couldn’t help from asking herself what does the police officer want? Did something happen to one of her friends? Or is it their parents? You will never believe what the police officer wanted…

8. Did Something Bad Happen?

Rachel asked the police officer if something bad happened right from the moment he stepped outside the car. The police officer smiled and told her that nothing bad happened and that he is there to help her. Don’t believe me? Well, then you better check out the next picture and see for yourself.

7. Mowing The Grass

To Rachel’s surprise, the police officer saw her mowing the grass and he just wanted to help out. Isn’t this amazing? Let’s see what he has to say about this.

6. The Police Officer Speaks Out Godsey Brindley

When Rachel asked why he is doing this, the police officer didn’t hesitate to tell her that he simply saw a woman carrying a baby doing a difficult chore and that he wanted to help. He knew this was the right thing to do.

5. The Right Thing Godsey Brindley

Don’t you think its amazing how the police officer decided to drop everything he was doing in order to help the woman? This shows us that not all police officers come to our houses bearing bad news. Rachel’s husband appears on TV in the next picture!

4. Making The News

This wholesome story made the local news and Ryan took this as an opportunity to thank the police officer who helped her wife. Ryan was amazed by this selfless act and he wants to thank the man.

3. A Better World

Just imagine how amazing it would be if everyone would think as the police officer does? The world would be a much better place for sure.

2.  Viral Story

Rachel posted this story on Facebook because she wanted everyone to know how awesome that police officer was and the story went viral! Thousands of people were amazed and they shared the story.

1. Happy Ending Brindley

Even though Rachel was terrified when she saw the police car driving towards her house, everything turned out well. The police officer only wanted to help out and Rachel doesn’t need to mow the grass anymore.